A completelearning experience

To support employees and employers in identifying signs of civility, promote the adoption of civil behaviour, and promote a healthy work environment, regardless of the sector of activity.

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Attracting and retainingtop talent

So that each person can evolve in a pleasant work environment and that their experience is positive. Any organization must be oriented towards a better quality of life at work whose basic ingredient is: civility.

Two solutions are available to you

Digital and interactivecapsules

An individual learning solution that invites each person to discover all aspects of civility at work independently and to react to scenarios at their own pace. This solution is available for managers and employees.

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Face-to-face or virtualtraining workshops

A human learning solution where each person benefits from collective intelligence, thanks to concrete exercises. This solution is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of a healthy work climate. It is offered to managers and employees.

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Illustration of characters representing civility and incivility